job services

Your Strengths Psychology provides a range of specialist services to Job Services Australia (JSA) providers. We specialise in supporting you and your job seekers through assessments, case review and specialised post placement support.

Psychological Services:

Many Job Service providers have recognised the value of providing their job seekers with counselling and motivational services from our dedicated Psychologists. This service has been very useful in helping job seekers gain and sustain employment, where this would be out of reach for them in the past without intensive psychological help.

Our psychologists have created and delivered motivational and confidence building workshops to help job seekers understand the psychological effects of unemployment and developing a greater self awareness.
We are also able to design specific workshops to incorporate the needs of individual organisations or groups.

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS IV)

Non Vocation Barriers Assessment
This assessment has been designed specifically for job seekers serviced by JSA providers to identify specific non-vocational barriers which may be impacting on the job seeker’s ability to look for, gain and maintain employment. The report created from this assessment can be used to support JCA referrals for RWC or Stream 4, DES or DSP referral.

Clinical Psychological Assessments & Reports

Professional Case Analysis & Planning
This program has been designed specifically for JSA providers working with job seekers with multiple non-vocational barriers. The program gives JSA providers access to a registered psychologist who will work with them 1-on-1 and in small groups to review specific case files and provide suggestions and strategies for future support and intervention with their job seekers. Learn how to better service your job seekers and more effectively address their serious, and sometimes multiple, non-vocational barriers to employment. The Professional Case Analysis & Planning Program is conducted at your site, at a time that suits you.

Intensive Post Placement Support (IPPS)
Intensive Post placement Support (IPPS) provides you with access to a psychologist who can conduct PPS with vulnerable and "at risk" job seekers. IPPS will assist you in securing sustainable outcomes by providing professional intervention to assist the job seeker with retaining their employment.