fees & rebates

The recommended fee by the Australian Psychological Society for a 45 - 60 minute session is $251.00

Our costs are:

$160.00 for Principal and Senior Psychologist for counselling sessions

$150.00 for registered and psychotherapist for counselling sessions

$180.00 couples

$180.00 per assessment session

All reports and letter requests are at a cost and this can be obtained by calling our administration team.

Clients will be eligible for a Medicare rebate of over $84.80 if they have received a referral under the Better Access to Mental Health Care program (BAMH) from their doctor.

We are also approved providers of the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Program (BOMH), speak to your doctor for further information relating to this referral.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office on 43510413 if you would like to discuss our payment options further.

Many Private Health Funds will provide a rebate for private patients who are not referred under the GP Mental Health Care Plan.