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At Your Strengths Psychology our qualified & experienced Psychologists & Psychotherapists are committed to helping people create a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

We help Adults, Children, Families, Adolescents and Couples.

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Psychology Services for the Central Coast

Life is often made up of moments in time it is how we choose to deal and feel our way through those moments that can make the difference.

‘Moments’ can be short or long, happy or sad or they can feel as they are never going to end…We can choose to deal with these moments alone, as we may have many times before or we can challenge ourselves to begin the process of developing the way we want to live, by understanding we may need some help.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who have chosen to work in the field of psychology in order to assist people to regain control over their lives and rebuild their own inner strength to be able to create balanced and fulfilled lives.

Even if you just feel like you need help to create a more meaningful, fulfilled and confident way of living, we can help give you the tools to start the process of change.

Our Services


Our psychologists use a number of evidence based therapies to help you gain control to create a more balanced and fulfilled life.


Your Strengths Psychology provides counselling in several areas.


We provide comprehensive clinical interviews, psychological testing and clinical reports for a number of areas.

Professional Psychologists, Counsellors and Social Workers.

Our professional team are trained to interpret mental processes and behaviours; this allows them to provide counselling and assessments to help people function better within their environment. This may be in their home or work environment, or within their interpersonal relationships with others, or the way in which they “view” themselves.

Our psychologists, therapists and social workers at Your Strengths Psychology can provide individual, couple or group counselling, in many mental health areas, including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, work and home related stress and many other issues.


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